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Sonos creates NYC soundscape

Oct. 23, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

Sonos creates NYC soundscape

Sonos recently took their multi-media gallery and event space “Sonos Studio” out of L.A for a “week-long exploration of the intersection of music, art and technology in collaboration with New York City.”  As well as exclusive sessions and artists in conversation about their work and future projects it was a hive of activity where people could come and make their own Sonos speakers or interact with art and A/V installations.


The stand out attraction was the “Sounds of NYC” – an interactive display made of 300 Sonos Play:1 speakers and four Sonos sub woofers. Each of the Play:1 speakers represented a “pixel” on the giant wall map of NYC and through a Kinetic controller people select an area of the city that pops out of the wall and plays a track significant to that area*. An announcer tells the artist and song title, which are streamed through Google Play and alternated daily (to avoid any arguments over that one track not truly representing an area). The diversity of the music scene of New York is represented through the range of tracks being played and to bring it to life in such an imaginative and interactive way is incredible. The possibilities for brands to help us explore and visualise our own soundscapes is equally fascinating and exciting.

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