Bringing empty office space to life

This is a fantastic initiative to give life to those vacant office buildings that every city has. From November 14-16 the music, performance and art festival “Kantor” will be held in De Sloot Office – a vacant office building near Sloterdijk station.

The venue provides a great urban backdrop for performances and installations but it also illustrates the possibilities in these spaces to the property owners. Creative thinking around activating spaces at these locations can help kick-start demand in the area and work towards a lasting legacy.

The crisis may be over but the effect on business property is still felt and many cities still have vacant buildings. Kantor brings these places to life with artists, designers, dancers, film, tech and live music – a cultural take-over of a currently lifeless space.

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

Govert Flinckstraat 309-311
Amsterdam, NL
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