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Almere City Mall

The CityMall Almere is part of an urban planning scheme developed by Unibail-Rodamco together with the Almere city government/council. Designed by signature architect Rem Koolhaas, the CityMall is intended to be a social hub with activities ranging from retailing and entertainment to more residential, community-focussed activity. 

The developer’s vision is for the mall is to “be the most innovative shopping environment in the Netherlands” and the City of Almere’s ambition is to double the size of the city in 20 years. But in order to secure long term buy-in and support from retailers a link needed to be established, aligning the Citymall offering with the community building objectives of the city. 

People are key to bringing an environment to life but they need a more emotive link to the shopping environment beyond state of the art facilities. "Samen" meaning "together" in Dutch, was the core idea developed to connect primary Citymall propositions with young families residing within Almere and the surrounding areas. "Samen" was conceived to be the heartbeat of the community, linking all activity within the Citymall, driving loyalty and generating a sense of “place and belonging”.

Having developed "Samen" as a campaign and event concept, the Citymall then proceeded to walk the talk, producing a live summer beach event to physically bring people together.  

9-days of activities ranging from professional volleyball and beach soccer competitions to kids tournaments and fun zones brought life to the Citymall.  Residents and other community groups were invited to participate and showcase their own talent whilst retailers set up their own pop-up shops during the event days.  All activities were jointly promoted and executed together with the city council.

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Project Summary

  • Strategy and theme to bring the area to life
  • Community engagement programme to drive footfall to location
  • Platform for the city to curate ongoing event programme

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