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Digicel have always been a brand that likes to give back and their activity within the community has traditionally focussed on cricket and football - both of which are particularly popular across the pan-Caribbean region. 

Whilst this activity had been very successful it was felt that sport was neither inclusive enough nor did it provide a particularly deep relationship with consumers. The brand needed something more powerful, providing a more emotional connection to more people within the community.

Music is a integral part of life across the entire Caribbean region but more fundamentally, the concept of rhythm is something that connects everyone regardless of music style and traditions. 

Digicel Red Rhythms platform celebrates both the experience of music and the making of music, for the musician and the non-musician alike. True to their core brand driver, Digicel want to enable their audience to discover the extraordinary within themselves, within music.

A range of mobile music experiences were designed to sustain an ongoing conversation with the Digicel community pre, during and post event. A call for action is put out before a concert or festival and then the activities at the event are driven by three core actions - Gather, Create & Celebrate. The uploading and sharing of content is then actively encouraged post event. To inspire and encourage the generation of new content we created a bespoke music track using mobile phones as samplers.

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Project Summary

  • Strategy and concepting of Red Rhythm festival 
  • Digital platform for sharing of content during and post event
  • Project management and coordination of activities