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Mystic SK8 Cup

To support Nikon's sponsorship of the Mystic SK8 Cup international skateboard competition in Prague, the Nikon Life team was tasked with connecting with a community who would normally reject anything overtly corporate.

We knew skaters love creating films/capturing tricks and felt like this event was an environment that Nikon could make a positive contribution. So we created a series of interactive experiences that demonstrated the products while letting the spectators get in on the action. 

We teamed up with internationally renowned Czech photographer and skateboard fan Dan Vojtech and extreme sports director and producer Martin Privatsky (collectively know as Tomorrow Creative) to offer workshops ahead of the event. Participants got access to the course the day before the event started and could experiment with a range of Nikon cameras. Dan gave them tips for shooting including how to use flash for skateboarding, test out new features and have a go at high-speed continuous shooting to capture every millisecond of a trick. In the Fish Eye Studio, we set up a ramp and shoot zone so that the Dan could teach participants how to transform their shots using the fish eye lens. This provided great social content to publish short tutorials and tips & tricks.  

For those who could skate, we set up a mini ramp Fisheye studio and for those preferring to have some fun, we built a green screen experience for people to catch air without requiring a board.  Visitors could create their own tricks and poses against a series of backdrops meaning everyone could get involved. People can tag friends in the images as they're shared across social media reaching out to an audience beyond the event itself.

The competitions taking place included the Streetstyle and Bowl pro competition plus Best Trick. We set up exclusive shoot zones for fans to get closer to the action and capture the best moments of the Championships. By offering a Nikon camera loan scheme at the event we let fans try out the latest products and accessories. When they returned the camera, they got to keep their best shots from the SD card.

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Project Summary

  • Support Nikon's sponsorship 
  • Photography masterclasses from Tomorrow Creative
  • Create exclusive shoot zones
  • Green screen photo wall for spectators 
  • Camera loan scheme


  • Pre, during & post-event engagement
  • Online tutorial series - cut downs to specific sessions
  • Images and wrap up films across social media
  • Official photography to NikonLife site


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