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15th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship

For Nikon’s sponsorship of the 15th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship in Zeeland we activated the diving community.

The World Championship was the ideal place to demonstrate the underwater abilities of the Nikon Coolpix AW130 so our aim was to get people using the camera – underwater! We designed and skinned a dive tank and built a “King Of The Sea” themed environment inside it that included plant life, a treasure chest and robotic fish (no live animals were to be used in this activity). 

In line with our Nikon Life programme we set creative challenges to the audience to enable participation and active engagement. We offered a camera loan scheme for visitors to actually try out the products and had Nikon photographers on hand to give them additional tips and tricks. 


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Project Summary

  • Design and skin of Dive Tank
  • Creating the underwater environment
  • Camera loan scheme
  • Underwater challenges
  • Design and build of photo board


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