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Nokia Cycling Study

Nokia asked us to dig deep into the growing trend of cycling in cities to recommend how they can contribute. 

Regardless of the ups and downs in the professional sport, cycling remains a healthy and increasingly popular form of urban transport. Nokia recognised this and wanted to explore how their various products and services could be used to enhance the cycling experience and make a positive impact on this growing community.

We undertook a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research in 4 cities and communities in the US, 4 cities in Europe and 3 cities in Asia delivering an overview of the cycling movement and exploring the opportunities for mobile technology. We created a cycling segmentation and aligned it to Nokia's own consumer segments.  We then prioritized activities ranging from map layer innovation, sponsorships, manufacturer and city partnerships and new technologies to make a credibile contribution to the cycling world.  

We put together a team of urban planners, cycling experts and sponsorship researchers to put together this feasibility study. One of the outputs of the research was the Nokia kintetic bike charger

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Project Summary

  • Nokia asked us to look at the growing trend of urban cycling 
  • We did a feasibility study to determine the best ways Nokia could make a credible contribution
  • The study included 4 cities in the US, 4 cities in Europe and 3 in Asia


  • A detailed report of findings recommending where and now Nokia could make impact
  • A recommended plan of action