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Nokia FIS Snowboard Championships

The development of large scale city centre 'Big Air' events exposed Nokia to larger urban audiences giving them a new opportunity to activate their sponsorship of the FIS World Cup. We concluded that the key insight around the snowboard community was in the sharing of each other’s winter sport stories. 

United by their passion and desire to share each other's stories the Nokia Lounge was created as a physical, mobile and online hub dedicated to encouraging and gathering user generated content.

Filmmaking challenges, music listening stations and photography areas integrated Nokia products for people to test, create and share. 

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Project Summary

  • Nokia Lounge was an interactive touring structure filled with mobile experiences to support the FIS Snowboard Championship
  • Big Air events were created to bring snowboarding to a broader audience in city centres
  • Online and mobile hub of user generated content was created to support the events


  • Activated 10 city Big Air events
  • Sharable content across digital platforms

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