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Nokia Trends Lab

International research highlighted that a small percentage of the youth understood the differentiation between Nokia products.  Our brief was to take an existing programme and evolve it into a platform that truly connected the youth audience with the innovative spirit at the heart of the Nokia brand. 

Nokia Trends lab is an ongoing physical and virtual branded entertainment hub where mobile technology and entertainment meet -  designed and developed to encourage the exploration of and experimentation with Nokia devices and technologies. 

Merging international film, design and music artists with local creative communities we are able to generate some really unexpected and amazing content that brings Nokia devices to life by blending mobility with interactivity and creativity.

Our Core team of specialists managed all aspects of the project:  creative direction/concept generation, project management, event logistics & production, ATL/BTL toolkit, broadcast TV development, asset/artist management, marketing and PR, media buying, talent recruitment, online/mobile development, digital solutions, community building, research and ROI tracking.

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Project Summary

  • Nokia Trends Lab is a physical and virtual entertainment hub where mobile technology and entertainment meet
  • Deliver depth of engagement through co-creation, collaboration and mentorship
  • 22 market rollout for 2.5 years 


  • 22 market rollout for 2.5 years
  • Over 100,000 attendees
  • 200+ consumers working creatively with artist mentors and performing talent
  • More than 1000 press, online and TV articles
  • 21 European countries aired 6 part TV series
  • PR return:  over €15M media value at a 3:1 ROI
  • Incremental sales lift in over 15 countries
  • Mobile sites avg 300,000 unique visitors/month

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