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TomTom Communication Strategy

Like many categories in the consumer electronics sector, the market for personal navigation devices (PND) is highly competitive and driven by new technology. Despite a range of comparable features 'navigation' of the product offering from a variety of brands is complex and consumers quickly default to the most tangible differentiator  - price point.  

TomTom needed to align all their communication around a common theme, highlighting product features and services in a tangible and applicable manner for all of their target audience groups. 

We set about identifying and understanding TomTom' core brand purpose, making ourselves familiar with busy mums, young drivers and ambitious professionals as well as thoroughly interrogating the product offering. 

Having understood the tangible benefits of all the product features and services we then worked with TomTom to develop a core proposition that put the PND at the heart of every journey. 

'Your journey' became the driver for all communications above and below the line. An identity and graphic device were developed, allowing us to express the journey visually across POS, packaging and demo films clearly signposting the relevant features and services. 

A series of  films were created, bringing the TomTom brand to life through a light-hearted look at the tangible lives of our target audiences as well as TomTom product playing a central role in the Dutch road-movie 'Jackie'.

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Project Summary

  • Defining brand purpose
  • Idenitfying passion points in audience segments
  • Creation of core proposition
  • Strategic driver for all communications above and below the line
  • Bring the brand to life throughout the customer journey