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Tullamore Dew Blend House

Tullamore Dew is a thriving whiskey brand that has realised much of its success by building volumes outside of Ireland.  Often neglected within its home country the brand not only needed to re-establish itself but also wanted to raise its profile on the journeys made by the an ever increasing numbers of visitors to Ireland from abroad. 

In partnership with the town their goal was to revitalise the area, bringing pride back to Tullamore and establishing themselves on the tourist route between Galway and Dublin. The history of the town and the Tullamore brand are intrinsically linked with the modernisation and evolution of the town and surrounding area going hand in hand with the increasing international success of their triple distilled Irish whiskey. 

Our vision for the 'Blend House' was to put Tullamore Dew back at the heart of the community creating a space for everyone not just for whiskey drinkers. This is place to celebrate the town, its history and its heritage. A genuine celebration of Irish spirit, warmth and character. Somewhere you can genuinely be yourself and relax in very social and convivial environment. 

For those looking to learn more about one of the best selling whiskeys in the world, an exhibition was designed to highlight the key factors that contributed to the success of the brand as well as an interactive hands-on journey through the production process from malting through to blending. Central to our idea of the centre being at the heart of the community was 'The Taste' a gastro-pub offering the best produce the region has to offer. More intimate areas were designed to host group whiskey tastings and the space was large enough and flexible enough to host small events. 

As well as offering whiskey pilgrims the chance to sample a menu inspired by 'water of life', the pub was ideally positioned to offer hungry travellers a welcome break between Dublin and Galway and an opportunity for many more people to touch the brand and spread the spirit of Tullamore around the world. 


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Project Summary

  • Defining the Tullamore Dew brand purpose and personality
  • Design and concepting of brand experience