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Boxpark NDSM is an innovative concept where retail and entertainment meet and set to land at the Lasloods in August of 2013. Central to the BOXPARK philosophy is content co-creation. The NDSM-Wharf is a breeding place for creative talent, there are many creative entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and many success stories from members of the Amsterdam entertainment scene that go on to achieve international recognition. 

Projects on the yard are located at the interface of art, technology and sustainability -  it is a breeding ground for cultural talent. BOXPARK NDSM set out to provide a home for this as well as a platform to showcase local initiatives from all over the city. Any company or organization was free to make a proposal to host a co-created activity at BOXPARK NDSM - crowd sourcing and crowd-funding activities are examples of how companies or collectives can create initiatives  to inspire social, product or cultural development.

We were asked to lead the event design and programming.  We submitted a 24-hour license permit with the city and secured programming partners to stage events, exhibitions and showcases at the space.  

Unfortunately the BOXPARK concept was put on hold due to factors beyond our control but may come back in a different form. 

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Project Summary

  • Ambitious project to turn an old shipyard building into a retail, restaurant/bar and event space
  • Built on the success of the BOXPARK Shoreditch project
  • Giving an old site new purpose


    •    30+ interested cultural partners who signed a Letter of Intent to cooperate with BOXPARK

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