Summer sponsorship review – part II

In the first part we looked at how brands performed at the World Cup but what about the other major sports events – with many brands reaching for the mass audiences associated with the World Cup would we see some creative thinking around some of the other sporting events in the calendar?

The North Face bring the adventurer spirit in-store

Here’s a great piece of work from The North Face. Entitled “Never Stop Exploring” it brings their adventurer spirit into the retail environment. When customers entered their pop-up store in Korea the floor started to retract leaving them with a wall to climb. Those that hung on were then presented with The North Face clothing […]

Summer sponsorship review – part I

The summer of sport has left us but here we take a look at how brands performed at the different competitions. In the first of this two-part piece we look at the World Cup – it set all sorts of new records in online engagement but how did different activation strategies perform through the tournament?

The connected stadium and enhancing the fan experience

At their first home game of the new season, a group of PSV Eindhoven fans staged a protest against wi-fi being introduced into the Philips Stadion. Their grievance being that you should be there to watch the game and not have your head in your smartphone.

Frankenstein lives… and builds community in Pittsburgh

The city of Pittsburg has got it right. Unlike most city centers, when confronted with addressing the demise of buildings through years of neglect, instead of razing the ground to build new structures, the city collaborated with a group of like-minded organizations to formulate a plan to abandon demolition and instead repurpose the buildings to […]

The ABC of architects

The ABC of Architects- first stumbled across this when searching for images of the new Renzo Piano ‘shard’ in London. Love this playful animation showcasing all the architecural greats of the 21st Century. I tried not to get peeved when they used the iconic Piano + Rogers Centre Pompidou to represent ‘R’ as, in my […]

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