The missing link in shared urban mobility

Cargoroo is on a mission to positively impact the lives of city dwellers by renting out shared electric cargo bikes in their neighborhoods. We helped build the Cargoroo brand and launch in a way that emotionally connects to users, cities and investors.

In order to build brand and street credibility we developed a holistic campaign that combines offline, online and affiliate marketing activities. At the heart of our storytelling is storydoing–incenting people to download the app and try the Cargoroo e-cargo bike while building a community.

The storytelling was based on bringing to life the primary use cases we identified among potential users. We mapped out the UX and design of the Cargoroo app, bike livery, content creation for offline and digital assets including OOH, posters, brand films, social media ads, and website.

Having learnt that 80% of users had their first ride on a (electric) cargo bike with Cargoroo led us to the Cargoroo demo stations. A Cargoroo demo team will show up at squares, playgrounds and during street events for locals to learn more about Cargoroo and of course make a test drive. #letscargoroo.

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