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Helping people to master the Art of Listening

Harman International asked us to look at the Art of Listening to determine if it has potential fit to go beyond the product and positively impact communities. Together with Massive Music and Text100, we tackled this challenge.

Our task was to explore The Art of Listening as a trending topic. Are we really losing the ability to listen?  What’s driving this?  A backlash to current lifestyle/habits? Societal factors?

Then we needed to define HARMAN’s purpose (opinion & role) on this subject: How can HARMAN cut through the existing trending content and reinforce the brand as a thought leader? What can HARMAN contribute that benefits the communities they reach?

From there we developed a brand belief statement for HARMAN and gave input to how they can curate this belief across the family of HARMAN brands.

Listening is an art

Mastering the art requires more than letting soundwaves passively enter into the ear. It’s a dynamic process demanding focus, training and practice in the same way we would learn any other art such as music, painting, architecture or acting.

Once mastered, it becomes a habit and when not done, feels as if something is missing—like forgetting to brush your teeth.  In addition, better the sound, deeper the emotional connections we make which in turn provides real benefits to our physical and physiological state.

We did qualitative and quantitative research to position the Art of Listening for the company.

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

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