Kraijcek Foundation

Celebrating 20 years by building the Biggest Kraijcek Playground in the Netherlands

We identified 4 key types of PLAY that shapes playgrounds for different age groups. We then combined activities into a giant playground to celebrate the past 20 years while looking forward the next 20.

Tennis professional Richard Kraijcek has a foundation that focuses on The promotion of sports activities in a socially safe situation for young people in those districts where the possibilities are limited.

They create playgrounds across the Netherlands in underserved urban areas to be a multifunctional combination of sports and play. For their anniversary, they wanted to build the largest Kraijcek Playground in the country.

800 kids, aged 6-18 yrs old had a blast. Working with representatives from the various athletic associations, we divided the kids into 8 different zones. From traditional sports such as football and tennis to parkour and obstacle running, there was a full day of challenges, skill tests and pure fun. Kid reporters captured the day and worked with media companies to produce the event recaps.

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

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