CITIES foundation features Scape

CITIES Foundation is an independent research organization working to empower and support urban communities to advance innovation in city life, policy and practice. CITIES just featured Scape, looking into how our philosophy and work provides innovative new strategies for urban development.

Are brands untapped allies in people-driven urban development?



Scape’s social design approach introduces innovative brand strategies for cities.

Traditionally, brands are seen as profit-driven, product-slinging entities; traditionally, brands are not active in urban development; traditionally, major cities were built from master plans. Things change.

Today, cities are evolving more and more to meet peoples’ needs, while people themselves are more prominent actors in shaping their urbanity. Development is more participatory, as interest in how a city can be attractive and bring happiness deepens. Much like brands, cities themselves are seeking more engagement – to attract more people and increase economic competitiveness on the global market.

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