De Bijenkorf welcomes artists to ‘secret tower’

On Tuesday De Bijenkorf welcomed designer Maarten Baas as the first artist in residence at their “Room on the Roof” exhibition, housed in their iconic ‘secret’ tower. Partnering with the Rijksmuseum there will be a number of artists using the space for art, performance, music, design and film.

The initiative creates a living exhibition area in a retail environment that is also a key architectural element of the famous De Bijenkorf building.

Through “My latest work” Baas attempts to draw the clock of the Beurs van Berlage as seen from the tower. As the artists completes each piece time has moved on and the piece is out of date. The displayed drawings gain relevancy 12 hours later when that time comes again.

The current installation will run through to February 8 but the programme will continue beyond that. It’s further proof of De Bijenkorf looking outside of retail to enhance the experience of their stores and reinforce their position as a creative enterprise.

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