“Companies can make meaningful contributions to people’s lives
when the purpose and ways to engage are clearly defined”
Jeff Povlo, Founder

Who we are

We are an international team of multi-disciplinary designers, thinkers and creators that take a collaborative approach to help companies and communities thrive together.

We believe in solving real problems and finding ways to inspire real enjoyment.

Operating at the intersection of architecture, public space, communications and technology, we nurture the design process through insight and innovation. Seeking the most relevant and sustainable points and places for engagement and experiences.

We call this Scape.

Opportunity seekers

The focus is on understanding how and why people do things.  What are needs and what are motivators. We’re always looking for gems from which we can build.

Community focused

Without listening to the people we’re developing for, it’s not a solution. Involvement from the beginning is key.

Collaborative designers

Our success is to ensure mutual benefit between stakeholders. Anyone that can add to that is welcome.

Experiential freaks

Experience is everything. It makes or breaks a product, service or engagement. “People will forget what you say but never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

Technology minded

We look for ways technology can play a beneficial role in the overall experience, no tech for tech sake.

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

Jeff’s mission is to represent for team human. Technology’s made us faster but arguably less connected. Sharing economies opened markets but closed communities. Companies only out to gain get left behind. For Jeff, Re-humanizing and Re-engaging is not a catch phrase. It’s a mantra for the most effective way to make real progress.

He is especially interested in how people interact with each other and their environment. From an urban renewal project with Heineken to looking at the future of urban mobility with Cargoroo, he’s always pushing to make life easier, more enjoyable and/or more sustainable.

In 2019, Jeff established Reset Technologies to tackle the massive issue surrounding mental health. He’s currently bringing the Reset Stress Relief Pods designed together with UNStudio and showcased at Salone del Mobile, to the next level.

He actively speaks at conferences and gives lectures on community engagement at various companies, institutes and universities.

We are all consumers, producers, joiners and sharers, residents and digital nomads.

We join the dots. By mapping the relationships, we seek the most exciting points and places for engagement. Then develop experiences and interventions that answer the insights.

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

Govert Flinckstraat 309-311
Amsterdam, NL
About Scape
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