The future of books

How to innovate your way into increased readership and sales?   Jeff spoke about what innovation in the industry looks like—from a writer, publisher and resellers perspective. He reviewed some best practices and looked at the role technology, social media and building communities plays in attracting audiences and keeping them engaged.

What is social design?

Society leads us to believe that becoming more and more “connected and social” is positive. Managing our various pages, curating our personal “brand”, filtering the good, in many ways social media becomes a shiny façade of how we want people to perceive our lives. It’s less real and more window-dressing. At the same time, companies […]

Kicking off the ski season with Nikon Life

We’re just back from two events with Nikon that kicked off the ski season and our winter activity as part of the Nikon Life platform. In London thousands braved the weather to attend The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show, whilst in Kaprun, Austria, the snow had been falling all week for fantastic conditions at the […]

An interview for Marketing Tribune

This interview was originally published on Marketing Tribune  Jeff Povlo, American and general manager of social design company Scape in Amsterdam, is a brand activation specialist with a penchant for developing concepts that connect brands with people while achieving business goals. Povlo has worked with global brands, cities and civil society organizations, and created innovative music, sports and […]

CITIES foundation features Scape

CITIES Foundation is an independent research organization working to empower and support urban communities to advance innovation in city life, policy and practice. CITIES just featured Scape, looking into how our philosophy and work provides innovative new strategies for urban development.

Smart ideas to improve our cities

There’s a lot that we like about what Smart are doing right now. Their focus is on delivering smart ideas to make cities better places. Here’s a great example of how they’re doing it with some simple stop motion animation and video.

The power of purpose

What happens when you scratch the surface of a brand? People are becoming more skeptical of brands – the Global Trek 100 report found that only 15.4% of UK consumers believe what brands say in their advertising, the rest are neutral, disbelieving or unsure. Marketers have long known that brand strength is more than a […]

Guest blog: you don’t remember the expected

This is a guest blog from Ruth Daniel, founder of Un-Convention, In Place of War and Agencia. All views are Ruth’s and may not reflect the views of Scape BV. I stand for making positive social change and giving youth a voice through harnessing creativity. You don’t remember the expected. You remember: the place where… […]

De Bijenkorf welcomes artists to ‘secret tower’

On Tuesday De Bijenkorf welcomed designer Maarten Baas as the first artist in residence at their “Room on the Roof” exhibition, housed in their iconic ‘secret’ tower. Partnering with the Rijksmuseum there will be a number of artists using the space for art, performance, music, design and film.

Bringing empty office space to life

This is a fantastic initiative to give life to those vacant office buildings that every city has. From November 14-16 the music, performance and art festival “Kantor” will be held in De Sloot Office – a vacant office building near Sloterdijk station.

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