Cities are our canvas,
communities are our focus.

Positioning and Proposition

Nailing the what, why and how
Finding uniqueness, defining personality
Understanding people’s behaviors as inspiration for the solution
Identify opportunities to bring both company and community together

Interaction and experience design

Translating the insights into experiences and/or new product solutions
Community co-creation sessions
Protoyping and testing where relevant
Production and execution

We focus on understanding and connecting communities,
companies and their environment.

Community engagement

Creating an open dialog for people to give input
Finding partnerships and collaborations to help foster growth
Review and iteration based on community feedback

Social impact products

Identifying (latent) needs to help solve societal challenges
Developing a proposition that unities complementary, interdependent stakeholders
A structured, co-creative approach to product and/or service development
Co-developing the business and impact model

Making the ‘smarter’ world more human.

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